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Alchemy of Order
 is a Colorado-based professional organizing company owned by Liz Canavan. A graduate of Denison University, Liz came to organizing after testing software for Intuit. But Liz was born to organize and has been doing it all her life.

The daughter of a stock broker and interior designer, Liz’s genetics encourage her to value order and beauty. In middle school, Liz would rearrange her bedroom furniture for joy, organize, categorize and label the family bathroom closet for pleasure and give away bags of belongings for clarity. Her adult life has followed the same trend. Liz knows the value of having less STUFF, taking excellent care of what you own, and living a vibrant, fulfilling life so clutter doesn’t substitute for true satisfaction.

Liz started Alchemy of Order after helping her mom downsize their family home in St. Louis. Moving her mom into a smaller space helped Liz see the need for professional organizers before, during and after a move. That’s when she decided to start Alchemy of Order and name it after one of her favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

An expressive, passionate and high-energy person, Liz has always been drawn to meeting people and being physically active. Her career in organizing allows her strengths to shine and her values of ecological, meaningful, simple-living to thrive. Her clients appreciate her enthusiasm, custom organizing solutions, and follow up – so the clutter stays away!